Cramped for Space? Consider Moving Up, Not Out!

Have you always dreamed about having more space in your home? Have you considered building an addition, but don’t want to take away from backyard space? If you have a growing family but love your home and neighborhood, don’t fret. Kettelle Building Movers might have the solution – maybe you don’t have to move out, sometimes it makes more sense to move up!

There are several reasons why some may choose to lift their homes. Many families dream of having more space in their house. Rather than moving to a larger home, in a different neighborhood or town, to accommodate your growing family consider raising your home by expanding the footprint/foundation and adding a new ‘first’ floor. This is often (not always but sometimes!) much more cost-effective than moving, or adding square footage in other ways, like building an addition.

Raising your home can give you much-needed added space in your basement or bottom floor. Additions are often costly, and often cut into precious backyard space. Raising your home can save you up to 70% of what an addition might cost!

In addition, raising your home can provide added flood protection for those who live by the water. Lifting your home and adding updated drainage systems is one option to prevent potential flood damage, or raise your home to meet Flood Protection Elevation (FPE) compliance. If you have preexisting damage from flooding, KBM has the tools, and partners, to lift your home and prevent further damage.

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