Preservation of Historical Buildings


At Kettelle Building Movers our passion for moving versus demolishing buildings is evident. Across the country the movement for preservation of buildings with historic, artistic, cultural, or social significance is strong. As a matter of fact, there are places that have enacted ordinances that make it illegal to raze or otherwise destroy a historical building without obtaining approval from a preservation commission. Some people might wonder why we can’t get rid of the old and build the new without all of this fuss.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Architectural styles and the materials used in building would be lost without the removal and relocation of the building. Some building materials are indigenous to the area in which the building is located and some styles of buildings are unique to the areas that they are built in.

  2. The building may be associated with a historic figure or event that took place. The loss of this building would mean that a cultural element is lost. As an example, think of the impact a place like Ford’s theater would be if it were to be demolished and its link to Abraham Lincoln destroyed.

  3. The building may be one of the last surviving examples of a particular type of architecture, construction method, or work by a certain architect. Also, if it was designed or built by a master of the craft, it has significance to the area (and in some cases, the nation!)

  4. The building is a cultural centerpiece of a neighborhood.

Of course, in instances where the condition of the property is poor, there are times that it is just not practical to move the building. We do believe, however, that all avenues should be exhausted before destruction and demolition begin. These building, even if privately owned, are irreplaceable community assets and once they are gone...they are gone.

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